Portside - June Cormorant1

Who are you calling primitive?

  As she stood on the pontoon in Bristol Docks with her wings spread out to dry, quivering with indignation, I could see that something had provoked June. In answer to my tentative enquiry she informed me that earlier in the day she had stumbled across the description of the cormorant on the RSPB website and had (read more…)

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portside pidgeon - Quentin Newark

Quentin Newark, he’s so full of himself..

  I didn’t set out to be rude, but honestly, some people need to have their pomposity pricked. It was quite amusing to begin with, this little fellow strutting about outside the gallery, fussing and tidying away the odd leaf or scrap of litter, tutting to himself whilst keeping one sideways eye on his reflection in the (read more…)

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Portside Gallery Gareth 1

Gareth’s been at the bins again..

  It’s a bit annoying to be honest. I know it’s an issue in Bristol at the moment, but there plenty of other places where one can get food. We’ve all had words with him but he just can’t help himself, if he thinks there’s chance of some delicious chips from Squeezed then he’s straight in there. (read more…)

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