A calm space for beautiful work by inspired artists

We get so excited when we see inspirational art and craft, the kind of thing that brings a real joy, and the thrill of actually being able to own something so gorgeous, or so meaningful. Seeing a picture or an object that has been made with such skill, or that embodies a unique expression, can give form to a deep feeling or capture an emotion. So we wanted to create a gallery where the quality of the art counts first and foremost, with an ambition to bring the best possible work to new and established audiences, and with a strong desire to nuture and encourage talent and creativity.

Portside Gallery Interior

We hope that you will discover what’s special about Portside Gallery in the work that we show. Whether that be a bold and beautiful oil painting or a fine porcelain vessel… we trust that our artistic heritage and ultimate motivation will show through.

Showcasing the fused glass paintings of Jane Reeves alongside a fantastic community of artists and makers from across the country, we endeavour to show work that delights in expressing the joy and beauty that our city, coast and countryside inspire.

Portside Gallery exterior

Many of you will have followed Jane’s journey through many years of painting and showing work across the country, through realising a dream of establishing a very succesful gallery in Padstow, to having a dockside gallery in her home town of Bristol, and now great premises in Clifton. Thank you for your support!

Please note:  the gallery is currently closed on Sunday, Tuesday and Wednesday.