Emma Whitelock

Emma Whitelock creates evocative paintings exploring the emotional connection to land and sea. She originally studied Art alongside English Literature, the link between the two still evident in the poetic nature of her painting. Based in Yorkshire, she exhibits regularly in the UK, with work in collections in London and overseas. In 2019 Emma was elected a member of Leeds Fine Artists, one of the oldest and most prestigious arts organisations in England. She was also a prize winner at the North York Moors National Park’s inaugural Art Awards.

Using acrylic with mixed media, Emma Whitelock builds layers of texture, paint, ink and glazes, allowing different types of mark-making to evolve freely in the process. Her work often incorporates a tiny lone figure, the expansiveness of nature acting as a foil to human concerns with memory and solitude. Frequently taking inspiration from the big wild skies of her native Yorkshire, she also spends time each year in Cornwall, it’s different light and colours bringing variety to her palette, yet echoing the same poignant mood.

Emma’s expressive style mixes semi-abstraction with a keen interest in composition, amorphous horizons leading the viewer on a visual journey. Her aim is to capture a charged moment; filled with remembrances past and possibilities for the future.

The collection currently in the Portside Gallery comes from her Cornish series, filled with the vibrant energy of the sea and sky at St Ives.

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