Heather McAlpine

Heather McAlpine is a Scottish born artist who has a rich background in art, completing a BA in Fine Art at East London University and a MA Painting from The Royal College of Art. McAlpine later emigrated to Vancouver, Canada and took much inspiration from the wild coastline of the Pacific North West. McAlpine now resides in St Ives, where she is a member of St Ives Society of Artists.

McAlpine’s paintings take inspiration from her time living by both Vancouver and Cornwall’s beautiful coasts, where she has created a visual memory of sketches, colour swatches and notes. She becomes fantastically immersed in the process of painting and works on many canvases at a time, lavishing in techniques of layering with painterly lines and marks. Colour is also an important aspect to McAlpine’s creative process as she begins with a saturated colour ground.  She then reworks this over time with an intuitive colour palette of blue and green alongside striking shades of pink, red or yellow.

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