Jane Askey

Sunlit Clifton and Storm Clouds by Jane Askey
Sunlit Clifton and Storm Clouds by Jane Askey

Jane is British painter exploring ideas through a range of media.

Jane graduated from Manchester Polytechnic with a degree in Printed Textiles and subsequently worked as a freelance textile designer and lecturer. She taught and inspired university students for thirty years, combining this with a career in painting and designing.

She is now based in Scotland, with a studio that looks across the Firth of Forth to Edinburgh, Jane travels widely and sketches on location, experimenting with drawing and painting using mixed media in response to the landscape, the coast and architecture. Her background in textile design is evident in her approach to organising composition, colour and texture.

“Not quite knowing the outcome of each new painting is the spur that drives me to create. I feel an excitement when beginning to paint, there is an urgency to start and see where the painting process of observing, experimenting and interpreting takes me. The process also involves questioning whether I have communicated the feeling of a place or thing and I work away until I find it through the handling of the media”.

Drawing on location records initial thoughts and observations. Working outside over the years has helped her to inject more energy and spontaneity into her mark making exploring the physical quality of the medium, allowing the gestural brush marks to suggest where land and sea meet with an emphasis on exploring colour, texture and light to evoke the character and mood of a specific place. Sketching on location generates a body of references to develop fully when back in the studio.

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