Jane Ormes – Prints

“My screen prints reflect my take on the world”.

Jane Ormes Flip Flop Man

Jane produces playful, colourful images, often involving animals in absurd situations. She likes to think that these creatures all have a secret life that we know nothing about. Jane keeps a notebook to jot down unsual names or lyrical phrases as these can often lead to an idea but its more likely that she will be inspired by a story or situation that tickles her.

“Drawing, patterns & textures are all integral to my work as well as large areas of flat bold colour which can be achieved by the screen printing process.”

Jane has spent the last 26 years as a freelance designer. Her clients include Ikea, Marks and Spencer, ArtPress and Oxford University Press She has a degree in Surface Pattern Design but rediscovered screenprinting seven years ago and hasn’t looked back since. She has exhibited in many galleries and art fairs and has worked with several interior designers who have featured her work on television.

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