Janine Partington

Bristol-based Janine found the craft of enamelling through adult education evening classes in Bristol in the early 1990s and very quickly fell in love with it. As interested in the design as the process, Janine strives to combine the traditional craft of enamelling with fresh, clean and contemporary design to create framed panels, standing figures, vessels, clocks and jewellery. She is always thinking of new ideas, new designs. Many happy hours are spent sitting on a train, in a café, in her workshop just daydreaming as she adds to her sketchbook and hums softly along to imaginary music.

Janine was elected as a member of the Devon Guild of Craftsmen in 2007, becoming a Trustee in 2014. She is also a member of the Guild of Enamellers and the British Society of Enamellers.

Janine creates intricate hand-cut stencils which she then lays on to copper. Her stencils are inspired by trees, flowers, seed heads and the landscape. Whilst she re-use stencils, no two pieces are identical due to the nature of the process. Her beautifully simple images are transformed into something magical by the kiln.

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