Justine Lois Thorpe

Justine spent her early years in St Agnes, Cornwall a place that continues to inspire her today. Lois worked at one of the UKโ€™s top textile design studios in London where she soon established herself as one of their most prolific and successful designers.

Justine Lois Thorpe painterAs well as her Textile work, Justine has been indulging in her passion for painting. Over the years she has enhanced her reputation as a professional painter and artist. Her style and influences vary through time and this is reflected in the variety and experimental nature of her work, which can range from abstract impressionism, landscapes, to still life paintings, etchings and drawings.

As it is for many artists, Cornwall has always been a place where Justine has found solace and inspiration. She lists Howard Hodgkin, Ivon Hitchens, Ben Nicholson, Peter Lanyon and Alfred Wallis as some of the artists that have influenced her style. Itโ€™s no coincidence that many of these fine artists have been associated with the county of Kernow in various collections of her work.

Throughout her style, colour and texture is always paramount in her approach. Her free use of oils, acrylics and other mixed media gives her work a textured layered appearance in order to create depth and a sense of space. She often uses a combination of rich colours, which contrast with delicately drawn images. This all contributes to a very unique and compelling style of painting.

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