Maggie Laing

Maggie makes jewellery inspired by everyday objects, the things we use for a purpose and put away out of sight. They are to her the unsung heroes of our domestic lives, often under- rated and rarely valued in their own right. By creating jewellery in their image, Maggie aims to raise them up to be recognised as objects of beauty and value, worthy of our respect.

Maggie Laing jewellery

Maggie taught science for a number of years before changing direction to teach design and technology. Crossing boundaries has been a recurrent aspect of her working life and has very much influenced her work.

She made her first pieces of tool jewellery as leaving presents for colleagues. Thus a little silver saw and a pair of silver scissors came into existence. These pieces became the starting point for her first collection which now includes tools for gardeners, cooks, dressmakers and woodworkers.

Maggie’s work took a new direction with the discovery of some Victorian ceramic shards on the Kent coast. She saw a tiny tea cup in one shape and a jug in another. The addition of silver to complete the missing parts gave new meaning to the broken pieces of pottery and a second collection was born.

She admires craftsmanship and loves the precision of making a piece accurately, true to its form as well as true to the processes that formed it. Whilst aiming to be distinctive and original, Maggie greatly enjoys the fact that her jewellery often makes people smile.

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