Nat Reeves

Nat Reeves ArtistAn interest in making things, designing and creating something from scratch, all are partly reflected in the segmented nature of Nat’s work. Although his paintings are in parts they are connected by the forms and marks and colours that work together as a whole. Work as musician also informs aspects of his work as a painter, editing a piece of music is similar in many respects to the way he might edit a painting, cutting it up and moving it around intuitively…

Visits to Cornwall, particularly annual trips to St Ives, can be seen as influences. The colours and textures of the coast might be something the viewer picks up or it might be combination of graphic shapes and random lines that have an echo of his musical background or interest in architectural forms and textures.

“I’m fascinated by the effects of nature on man made structures. The unbound force of wind, sea and time; all carving new channels, new pathways, to reconnect to us. I try to capture this relationship in my paintings.

“I paint on wooden boards and every composition features at least one division; a straight line cut through the painting, like a sea wall separating land and ocean or a contrail streaming behind a plane, splitting the sky. It represents our attempt to become bigger than nature itself, to gain control over something uncontrollable, leading only to the creation of what is ultimately an empty void. But this flaw in our character is what makes us somewhat endearing, in my eyes.
Most of my works contain straight pencil lines across the height or breadth of the painting; like a ghost or a shadow of a division. A failed past attempt, a work in progress maybe, or a future dream of independence.

“The colour pallet I use is inspired by Cornish coastlines and the textures i create influenced by heavily weathered objects like an old door or a vintage barn-find car. I’m looking for character, and the battle between the objects we create and the nature that surrounds them is where I find it.

“I’ve been playing guitar for nearly twenty years now, and producing music professionally for the last five or so, having released more than fifty songs as an artist. I’ve found that my music and art serve essentially the same purpose. It’s my creative interpretation of the world around me and the product of life’s experiences.

“I love the process, as satisfying as it is to look at or listen to the final production, for me, it’s all about making something out of nothing. Hopefully something beautiful and relatable.”

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