Nikki Bath

Nikki Bath CeramicsHaving enjoyed a variety of creative expressions ranging from tailoring to bronze casting, catering to oils and watercolours, screen printing to sculpture, all different expressions of colour, texture and form, in 1995 Nikki decided to develop these skills further by taking a degree in ceramics.

A result of this was seeing her work as a centrepiece at the “Feat of Clay” exhibition in 2001 at the Victoria and Albert Museum. Many subsequent pieces have found their places in creative homes around the world.

Art is a major part of Nikki’s life – from watercolours, ceramics and sculptures, to everything in between.

Each of Nikki’s vases and bowls a one off, hand built, often employing a technique of layering. Her Sunrise range is inspired by the sun rising over the sea, these stoneware bowls are thrown, then fired and glazed giving an abstract image. Nikki paints on different glazes to form the contrasting blue and sunrise orange and create a foreground by using sand that gives texture and depth.

“I have always been energised by the beach and have loved to expess this in my ceramics. Most of my stoneware draws on organic themes and these bowls are no exception – weathered on the outside; silky smooth, like a polished pebble on the inside. Thrown in stoneware clay and left to dry a little, I mark the pot’s exterior using tools or other pieces of dried clay – creating a natural look. I then brush or sponge on the glaze using various oxides to create different hues and depths of colour. I sometimes sponge all the excess off leaving a residue in the crevices and then finishing with a white glaze to give the pot its stone like finish.”