Ray Sheldon

My work explores the dynamics of still life; somewhere between the figurative and abstraction.

I am striving for simplification, by reducing a composition to its essential characteristics. My painting style has been pared down and simplified over the years. The planning of colour masses is a vital key in my work, as colour can arouse the deepest thoughts and emotion.

Ray Sheldon ArtistFor me a still life painting is a living thing. Each work is reworked many times, objects rearranged, for me the negative spaces are as significant as the objects. I love the play between the flat surface and the illusion of depth and solidity. I don’t feel restricted by my subject, Giorgio Morandi showed me how to paint and keep busy with just one theme. I get hooked on an idea develop it and it will take me to other works.

I prepare my own gesso boards and canvases manipulating the surface this forms a very strong part of the final work. Over the years I have experimented with different media but now prefer to work in acrylics.

I am a modernist at heart.

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