Tom Hughes – Painting

There is beauty everywhere, on any given day. You don’t have to hop on a plane for it, rent a movie of it, or daydream about it. It’s outside your front door, no matter where you live. To be stood in one spot for two hours and suck it all in is a privilege. I see beauty every time I leave the house and want to share it with you when I’ve found it.

Tom Hughes ArtistRaised in Oxfordshire and currently residing in Bristol, Tom Hughes initially wanted to be a professional snowboarder but lacked the raw talent. His second choice (and in hindsight, perhaps the more sensible one) was to make a full time living from his art, which he has been doing successfully since 2005. He began his career as an illustrator before switching to painting when the lure of oils became too much. Whether working outdoors ‘en plein air’ or indoors in his studio, Tom often paints from life, preferring to shun photographic reference in favour of direct observation.

He exhibits regularly at the Mall Galleries in London and has been selected for numerous prestigious prizes, including the BP Portrait Prize, the Lynn Painter Stainers Prize and The Royal Academy Summer Exhibition. In 2014 he won both the Benton Purchase prize at The Discerning Eye and Second Prize at the ROI at Mall Galleries, London.

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