Keeping Cool

Portside Gallery Front

It’s the hottest day of the year (hottest UK day ever, apparently!). But we are cool, calm and collected here in Clifton. Well mostly.. we’re certainly making the most of the air-conditioning!

We had a great first weekend, opening the doors to our new gallery space in the village. For me, the nicest thing was the reaction of the locals who have been very encouraging and welcoming. Now as we settle in here we are looking forward to showing excellent work from our family of artists, some who have been with us a while, and some new.

We would love to see you, show you our space and have a chat. 

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Great new premises for Portside

Portside Gallery moving to Clifton Village in July

We are thrilled to have signed the lease on this lovely shop in the heart of Clifton Village, a thriving part of Bristol – and a place where Jane used to live!

It is in a great location with plenty of footfall and a fab double window frontage. We will enjoy having the space to really do justice to all the lovely work of our talented artists. We will also be welcoming some new artists who have agreed to join us, which is really exciting.

We are currently repainting it and getting ready for a launch in July. Watch this space for further details about the launch event…

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Declutter and refocus

Jane new studio 1

Work wise it’s been a little quiet here as we have just moved house and studio… an enormous feat but we did it! It’s been an interesting and sometimes complicated process but it’s also had it’s upside… there’s no doubt that clearing out the clutter frees us up, practically but also on many other levels. I’d recommend it if you’ve the time and inclination!

The move has encouraged me to plan ahead, to make sure I’ve enough pieces to tide me over whilst sorting my new but temporary studio. So although it’s been a little quiet here, I’ve not been lying on a beach somewhere, I’ve been squirrelling away new work for such a time as this… soon to be on the website and in the gallery.

Jane, May 2019

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A flying visit to Cornwall

Porthmoer Beach St Ives

I just got back from a flying visit to Cornwall… knowing the weather was set fair and the waves would be perfect I took the opportunity to head to St Ives for two days last week.

Always my go-to spot for wave watching, Porthmeor didn’t disappoint 😊. I took far too many photographs… but I hold fast to my practice of only painting waves that I have seen with my own eyes! So I’ve plenty of fresh inspiration to keep me going.

I also wanted to take some photos of some of my glass in situ… just a little experiment really…

Jane, February 2019

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