Bristol Zoological Gardens


Mixed Media. 54 x 54cm including frame.

Also available as a print for £65 with free postage.

Claire uses acrylic paint for its depth of colour and its versatility, as well as collage to add texture and interest.

Sold - Limited Edition Print Available


Bristol Zoological Gardens will soon be moving out of town. This is a specially commissioned series of paintings by Claire Henley celebrating their iconic site in Clifton.

Bristol Zoological Society will develop a new world-class Bristol Zoo at its Wild Place Project site on the northern edge of Bristol, which will set the standard for a modern, forward-looking zoo in the 21st century.
The new Bristol Zoo will open in 2024, offering spacious facilities, significant growth in conservation and education work and a ground-breaking, innovative visitor experience.

Claire’s paintings are mixed media, utilising a layering technique of collage, acrylic paint, crayons, pens and even some scratching and sanding.

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