Porth by Jane Reeves – SOLD


Painted Fused Glass
Framed Size: 55 x 55cm

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Containing solace
Porth is
a harbour
Where waves fall
Porth a
thin place
Breathing space
It’s a good word.’

“I’ve always enjoyed poetry and writing. I feel there is a parallel between words on paper, and paint on paper. Words record and convey a moment in time,paint documents an emotion or response to something I am witnessing. Over time these practices have become intertwined in my life, word and paint snap-shotting the moments of my life.

The sea has always been the common theme. I love the sea. I know I’m not alone in this, and I am drawn to others that have a similar obsession with our island’s edges. ‘Porth’ is the latest piece that’s emerged from the kiln after a strange and challenging 18 months. I have fused glass for many years, learning its melting ways and idiosyncrasies. Distilled and fused into this piece is an expression of my ways too, my thoughts and feelings, my faith, my failings.

Above all it contains my hopes. Porth means bay or harbour, a safe place. That’s a good word I think.”

Jane Reeves

Jane lives and works in Bristol.