A Gap in the Rocks by Robin Leonard


Original oil on panel.

Framed Size: 50 x 40cm

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“The sea is on my doorstep now but it always drew me towards it. I didn’t start out as an abstract marine artist, the sea I discovered is an abstract medium in itself. Especially where it meets the land and this is generally where I work.

The force of wind and swell against the shore sculpts it into abstract form. Here change is constant, tides come and go as sea states respond to the wind. Here on the edge of the land, skies seem bigger and they appear to change more rapidly. Lighting effects can be dreary one minute and dramatic the next.

This is all nourishing material for the artist. But one has to work fast! The design of one second is not to be relied upon to be the design of the next. Too many seascapes appear to be lost in time as though one frame (as in a film camera) is overlaid on another then another… a fake generalisation is the result which inevitably appears flat. It is this urgency that excites me most about the sea and by working on the spot I gain energy directly from it.”

Robin Leonard

Robin lives and works in Cornwall.